Before you can connect to Google services you need to create a project. From there you will get the Client Id, Client Secret, and Redirect URI.

  • Click Configure a Project
  • Name your project and click Yes then Next
  • Give your project a display name that is shown to the users then click Next
  • Under Configure your OAuth client choose Web server 
Authorized Redirect URIs

In this section you need to provide the redirect URL. To get this URL you will need to create a Google Client in FM Buddy. In the details of that client will be the redirectUrl.


  • Enter the redirect URI.
  • Click Create
Authorized Redirect URIs

You should see a message titled "You're all set!". From there you can copy your Client ID and Client Secret. Copy These values along with the Redirect URI from earlier into your FM Buddy settings page.

Tips and Troubleshooting